Meet Ted: November’s Top Dog of Daniel Island

December 12, 2017

Meet the November winner of the Top Dog of Daniel Island Photo Contest, Ted! Ted is a long-time island resident and loves spending his time exploring the many trails and parks on Daniel Island. We spoke with Ted’s owner to find out more about our new top dog!

How did Ted come to join your family?
We got Ted in 2006, the same year he was born. My sisters and I had to beg our parents for a puppy, and my dad had told us he was “allergic” to avoid getting a dog he’d end up walking. When our dad met Ted, he finally told us that his allergy was a lie and gave into our relentless begging. Now, the two of them are best buddies!

When/how did Ted come to be a dog of Daniel Island?
We moved to Daniel Island in 2008 from New York. Ted instantly loved Daniel Island and all the parks and stunning walking trails!

What are some of Ted’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?
Ted loves walking around Smythe Lake, visiting the dog park and getting bathed at Lucia’s. Ted also loves eating outside at his favorite restaurant, Agave, and begging for our leftovers!

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?
We love that we can take Ted with us everywhere! We especially love that we can get Ted’s food, toys and treats at Lucia’s Premium Pet. Ted is 11 years old, and we are convinced that his excellent health is due to the healthy lifestyle he lives on daniel Island – getting nutritious food from Lucia’s, as well as plenty of exercise running around the island.

What is Ted’s favorite treat, toy or game?
Ted loves to play hide and seek! We were surprised by how quickly he was able to understand the concept of the game (although he only knows how to “seek,” we are working on teaching him to “hide” as well.)

Tell us more about your photo submission?
Pirate Park is Ted’s favorite; he loves to walk there and go on the baby swings. He begs to be picked up and put in them! You can see how happy it makes him in the photo.

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?
Show your dog’s personality! Photograph them in their “happy place,” or doing something quirky or silly!

How will Ted celebrate being November‘s Dog of Daniel Island?
Ted will celebrate with his best friend Oliver at the dog park!

Is there a favorite story or fact about Ted that you’d like to share?
You can see from the photo that he is quite the model. He loves to pose for the camera! You can see more of Ted on his Instagram @ted_bein_cute where we post our favorite photos of our silly little pup. 🙂

We are coming to a close on the 2017 Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest! Thank you to all of the owners who participate, we love seeing your submissions! Entries are now being accepted for December’s Dogs of Daniel Island photo contest. Click here for entry details and submit your photos to