Meet Beaux: October’s Top Dog

November 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce our October Dog of Daniel Island, Beaux! This spunky island pup loves to play fetch and make friends wherever he goes. We talked to Beaux’s owners to find out more about our new top dog!

How did Beaux come to join your family?
Beaux became a member of our family two years ago. We knew we always wanted a corgi and fell in love with his sweet little face – we couldn’t wait to add him to our family.

When/how did Beaux come to be a dog of Daniel Island?
He officially became a dog of Daniel Island when we moved here over the summer.

What are some of Beaux’s favorite ways to spend time on Daniel Island?
Beaux loves to be outside running around. He loves to go for walks around the Island, and to go fishing and crabbing with his family.  He loves to run around playing ball and chase his frisbee.

What do you like about having a dog on Daniel Island?
I love the overall feeling of welcomeness, no matter where we are on the island. Everyone is always so nice and loves to interact with the dogs as well as the owners when passing on a walk. I love that the island is so pet-friendly, and I know Beaux appreciates all the “spots” he has to stop and “check out.”

What is Beaux’s favorite treat, toy or game?
Beaux loves any type of ball. He loves to run and chase the ball or frisbee when thrown. On any given afternoon he is usually outside with his human brother and sisters running and chasing a ball.

Tell us more about your photo submission?
The photo was taken one afternoon at the waterfront pier. Beaux was at the pier with his family crabbing. He was enjoying all the extra attention he was getting from people who were enjoying the pier, and had fun “inspecting” the crabs and fish that were being caught. His job was to make sure they stayed in the bucket and that none escaped.

What’s the best tip you can give to others when submitting their photos for the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest?
Just try and get a good candid photo of your dog doing something he/she loves.

How will Beaux celebrate being October’s Dog of Daniel Island?
He was rewarded with an extra bone and a new ball.

Is there a favorite story or fact about Beaux that you’d like to share?
Beaux likes to sleep on his back with his feet up in the air and usually snores louder than his human dad.

We’re happy to see so many owners and pets participating in the Dogs of Daniel Island Photo Contest! Do you have a dog who enjoys living and playing on Daniel Island? We want to see your best friend’s best shot! Entries are now being accepted for November’s Dogs of Daniel Island photo contest. Click here for entry details and submit your photos to